Distinguishing Features

simplicity and function

We are very proud to introduce our innovative new product, the Flamingo Curtains. It is a new kind of patent pending shower curtain design with a very specific function. It prevents the shower curtain from "blowing in" or "rising" and sticking to you while in the shower.

Standard shower curtains often hope to eliminate the problem with magnets, for example. This approach simply does not work. Magnets are weak, they have to be constantly adjusted and do not work on anything but metal tubs. Flamingo Curtains eliminates this nuisance for good by approaching the problem in a smarter way.

For more details, watch our video on the HOME page!

Here is what you need to know

who we are

Adis Kulasic is a Chicago-based innovator, logistics specialist, and founder and CEO of Flamingo Curtains.


Works just like your current shower curtain

Extremely simple installation

Works with all standard and curved shower rods

Reduced risk of slipping in tub since curtain is always in place without need to adjust

Easy to clean

Mildew resistant

Metal grommets for additional strength